Our Foundation.

Who We Are.

Simple Beginnings, Smart Growth

Norrell Construction Inc. was founded in 1959 as a full service General Contractor specializing in construction services for a broad range of projects including but not limited to Churches, Private Educational Entities, Financial, Industrial & Petrochemical, Federal, Private Commercial and Manufacturing Facilities as well as many retro and/or renovation projects for the same.  Norrell Construction Inc.  has negotiated many projects utilizing the Owner/Architect/Contractor Team approach while enjoying and maintaining a reputation for honesty, professionalism, integrity and performance.

This is Family

The firm was founded in 1959 for the purpose of serving the Texas Gulf Coast clients in the discipline of comprehensive construction services. Norrell Construction Inc. has enjoyed great success and growth while building their reputation for quality performance. We are proud of our heritage and the fact that our company is one of the oldest firms in the area. We have a proven record of steady growth and success while maintaining a reputation for quality performance and service for our valued customers.